First Impressions: Amnesia

Instant Summary: Nameless female lead has complete memory loss, but she can't tell anyone about it.

...and that sounds weird already. Why can't you tell anyone about it? Because a floating dwarf that only you can see tell you so? Looks like we're going off a very bad start...

You know how some anime titles jump straight into the middle of the story before starting on the introductions in the second episode? The first episode is where they had to capture the audience no matter what (which explains Sasami-san). Amnesia should have taken a leaf out of Shaft's book, because the first episode got to be the worst one yet. It was extremely slow and boring, and the terrible momentum carried on to the third episode, where the questions kept piling on without any answers. I don't know why or what's the point of anything that goes on in the show. To me, it's just... stuff going on.

The biggest problem is, the show never made me want to find out the answers to all the questions. Our main heroine has amnesia, but so what? It's not like there's anything important to the show worth knowing. It's not like someone died, got raped, or got their lives destroyed in creative ways I want to learn about. It seems that the only important thing she forgotten is that she started dating someone. Like I care.

I might be wrong about this; somewhere in the later episodes, all the stuff that has happened might actually matter... enough... to be interesting. If it does, I'll hear about it on the blogosphere. But I'll put my money down that it doesn't, so I'll stop wasting time here.

Outlook: Boooring~

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