First Impressions: Kotoura-san

Instant Summary: A girl can read the minds of others, but her childhood was ruined because she didn't learn to respect the privacy of others.

An underdog appears!

It's simple and it works. Kotoura is a lonely and depressed girl that puts a barrier between her and other people, but our male lead shamelessly barges into her life, making sure she won't be lonely again. Yes, it's a fairly cliche setup, but the important thing is that it didn't felt forced at all. In fact, the whole title felt more easy-going than anything, with plenty of humour and a tad bit of fanservice, despite the pretty dark introduction and undertones.

My favourite part is how the main character consistently break Kotoura's mental barrier by raping her mentally, flooding the mind-reader with perverted thoughts. It's hilarious how the guy is completely innocent in this case, but Kotoura is defenceless and endlessly flustered in these cases.

And Kanemoto Hisako, our dear Ika-musume, sounds so freaking awesome with those flustered sounds. HanaKana, on the other other hand, sound pretty unimpressive in a non-moe role.

While the production values are pretty darn low for my liking, I'll still definitely enjoy this.

Outlook: Pretty damn good!

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