First Impressions: Tamako Market

Instant Summary: A girl lives in a mochi shop in a shopping arcade.

Every now and then, there's a title that will entertain you even without knowing what it's really about. And it usually only comes from Shaft or Kyoani. That's what Tamako Market feels like on first glance. And this isn't like K-On (not on first glance, anyway) where you will never expect a real plot. What should I expect in the next few episodes? Will I see some form of conflict arise within the shopping arcade, the school, or the characters? Or will it simply be a different kind of plot-less slice-of-life?

But I don't need answers, because Kyoani perfected the art of making you feel warm and fuzzy inside with 40 episodes + 1 movie of K-on. And being an anime original means they got free rein to exploit that ability as much as possible. In short, if you like the trend Kyoani is moving into lately, this is the best that it can get.

Or maybe it really isn't even that hard? Tamako always seems absurdly cutely no matter when you pause the anime. Maybe it's just about making character appealing 100% of the time.

Interestingly, Kyoani seems to have a knack at producing fresh VA talent. It happened with K-On, it happened with Chuunibyou, and now this? Maybe the end product of the voice acting relies more heavily on the studio than I thought?

Tamako Market easily became the most likable show, just like that. There aren't much I can tell you what the show is about, but I can tell you it'll be enjoyable.

Outlook: Mochi Umai!

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