First Impressions: RDG Red Data Girl

Instant Summary: A girl that can destroy electronics through touch gets possessed.

...and turns out to be suitable vessel for a god, can create spiritual familiars at will and make flowers bloom through a song and dance (what, is she okami or something?) I don't even know where to begin connecting the dots, but at least it's easy to see what they're trying to establish here: main character Izumiko can wield a significant amount of spiritual power, but she isn't exactly thrilled about it.

I have to be blunt here: it's really boring. We spent three episodes getting a tiny glimpse of what she is and what the power does, and not much else. Sure, we see a lot of how she reacts to this anomaly and how the male lead fits into the picture, but all of that can be condensed into a lot of whining and complaining.

What's the story hook here? Where's the meat? It isn't even a particularly interesting anomaly, and they're pinning them to excruciatingly dull characters. If they're trying to be a good fantasy, I don't see anything particularly imaginative. If they're trying to be a good mystery, it never piqued my curiosity even the slightest.

I'm giving it another episode tops, because even if the first 3 episodes are somewhat a prologue, if they can't pick it up after a third of the season, it probably never will.

Outlook: Boring


  1. I wasnt sure at first how this would pan out but Im pretty interested. okay although the sypnosis is a abit misleading, (vessal of god part).

    Anyway this reminds me of the anime Tayutama: Kiss on My Deity. girl is important - godlike - guy must protect her ^^

    Ill still watch it but definitely not a priority for this season.

    1. Her primary role is to be possessed by the god, no?

      It's heaven and earth when compared to Tayutama... RDG's deadly serious. But Tayutama turned out to be absolute crap anyway, let's see how close RDG gets to that.

      It's kind if disappointing coming from P.A works and feature Hayami Saori.. I loved Okita Sawa so much...