Series Review: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (4/10)

Instant Summary: The most powerful human being unexpectedly works with the most powerful demon for a chance to end the endless conflict between the two species.

Right at the beginning, we have an attractive and comical heroine paired up with a gung-ho, insanely powerful but likable male lead. The mood is light, fun, there's huge potential for character development and relationship between the two. We're off to a really good start.

A little too good, in fact. So much that I wasn't prepared for the mess that followed soon after. It was disappointing that the two things I always look out for, character and relationship development, are painfully absent from the show.

Instead, they focus heavily on "macroeconomics", whatever the fuck that means. I'm not exactly opposed to that; I'm big on slice-of-life, and I can digest Spice and Wolf quite well. Sadly, they forgot to tie that into the things that we actually cared about: the characters. No one reminded them that this is an anime, not a freaking economics class. Their idea of a mini-climax was something like: we were selling wheat at $20 in the morning, but demand has suddenly gone up, and now we're selling at $30. HOLY SHIT!

And, their supposed theme is pretty darn confusing as well. It's easy to see what's going on, but it's hard to see why. It feels like they're constantly throw new stuff into the mix and hope it fits itself together. Without seeing the why, it doesn't give me a reason to care.

By the midway point, it became clear that the show is going nowhere. I began to expect less and less from the show, but the big surprise is that it still delivered less that what I expected in the end. Because there was no end. What's going to happen to the war? What's going to happen to the Gate City? What is going to happen to the human world and demon world? What is going to happen between the two? I don't know. There are no answers.

The bigger problem is that I don't even care anymore.

Plot/Concept: It has the potential to be something pretty darn amazing, but we'll never know now.
Story Style: They lost control.
Audio/Visual: Good
Value: 4

P.S. Seriously, why the stupid maternity dress.

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