First Impressions: Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san

Instant Summary: A guy fished up a mermaid, who continues to meet up with him whenever he goes fishing.

This is a 10-min anime. I believe the only other title I've seen like this is Doujin Work.

Despite how backwards the animation style is (not as bad as Sparrow's Hotel, of course), Muromi-san is really a lot of fun. I'll even say that the simple animation contributed to the comedy because of how silly it can be. The anime puts characters of legends like Leviathan, Yeti and Harpy in bodies of tiny girls and made them a normal, daily occurrence to the main character; so it is essentially Nyaruko-san, but twice as funny, twice as silly, and probably ten times less annoying.

I couldn't point out any real flaws to this anime. It's a risk-free, extremely simple light-hearted comedy, and it's hard to go wrong unless you have unappealing or annoying characters. But while the level of production quality guarantees that it will never be one of the top titles in the season, it still could be one of the most enjoyable.

Outlook: Pretty good

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