First Impressions: Mushibugyo

Instant Summary: A young samurai joins the Mushibugyo, a group that hunts man-eating giant bugs.

This is as shounen a shounen title can be; a young, gung-ho samurai joins a brigade of warriors and starts out at the bottom; everyone's insanely stronger than he is; the protagonist's willing to go through any sort of training he can get to reach that level. Titles like this are a welcome sight because there just aren't many good shounen titles around, and no, don't get me started on the horseshit that is Naruto and Bleach.

The characters are instantly likable. While the protagonist might be a little flat, he is complemented by Hibachi (a tsundere) and Shingiku (a reckless criminal). The action could use a lot of improvement; every bug seems to be defeated by a flash of light that represents the too-fast-to-be-seen slashes. And I like the fanservice, which also provided a lot of humor at the same time, as long as they keep it at the tame level.

My only problem is thtoe likelihood that it will drag into a 100+ episode title. I don't have the time for it, and titles like these tends to start sucking in the middle, when it's already too late to drop it.

Outlook: Fresh and pretty interesting.

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