First Impressions: Valvrave the Liberator

Instant Summary: A guy stumbles upon an insanely powerful mech when his city is being invaded.

Protip: If you're using CG and not on super HD, don't bother with so many parts on your fast moving model. It'll just look a mess.

It's the birth of another mech series with the most formulaic anime beginning ever. But wicked good titles like Gundam Seed and Macross Frontier also came about this way, so I think I can forgive that.

The good thing about this anime? Really cute bishoujos, and some interesting fanservice.

The bad things about the anime might be personal, but I suspect many might feel the same. The story thus far has been really bloody predictable. Everyone knows that the main antagonist is going to escape; and while his method is pretty cool, you can't help but lament how incompetent the captors were. You tie one of the most dangerous criminals in the world (universe?) with rope to a chair? Where's the glass prisons and titanium handcuffs?

And the protagonist, outside of his revenge rampage, is nondescript. He's being led by the nose everywhere he goes, while carrying a constant and pointless worrying look on his face. It feels like it could inch closer and closer to a Guilty Crown with every episode. And while it could have scored some points being a rom-com, but they killed it with a unconfession, a trope that should never have existed.

I'm staying only for the bishoujos, but by themselves they can't keep me much longer.

Outlook: Leaning towards negative.

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