Fall 2010 Round Up: Shinryaku! Ika Musume

Hur hur... I feel like I'm bashing almost all the Fall 2010 series. While most of them have a pretty good start, they never seems to carry on the momentum right to the end... And personally, there are plenty of times where an ending can make or break the impression of the whole series.

I don't know why Ika Musume has generated so much hype and even got branded as one of the best shows this season, because to me Ika Musume is more or less a moe comedy show which I won't say would be exceptionally entertaining. I'm not saying this is a lousy or boring series; it's just that it probably does not deserve the many praises I've heard about it. Has moe become such an easy genre to do?

Let's talk about what it didn't do so well; first, the animation quality is just average. I liked Ika Musume's character enough to try the show but everyone else is plain boring. The 3 scientist are pretty annoying; I usually hate characters that only purpose serves to poke fun at racial/national stereotypes because they're usually extremely unfunny; here's 3 very good examples. The music is catchy but didn't really stick to me. And I've never liked idiosyncratic expressions like "de geso" and this one is particularly lame... though this is a personal thing .

Where the series actually shines only the Ika Musume's character design and a couple of the short episodes, like the Mini Ika-chan one. The series rarely made me laugh; and sometimes I feel that all the moe Ika Musume has isn't enough to justify the time taken to watch this series. Ika Musume's a pretty good series to watch if you got nothing to do, and you're looking for something simple that you don't have to work your mind to understand the plot.

I've actually wrote the above review this way earlier than any of the other fall 2010 series on other sites. I didn't give it a very good score; but it wasn't until someone pointed about to me that this is essentially a "kids" kind of show, that I figured that I should be so harsh on it, because it appears that I've expected to show to deliver what it does not intend to.

Adjusted score:
Plot/Concept: Simple... yet effective enough
Story Style: Could be better
Audio/Visual: Average
Value: 7

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