Nichijou 01 was... meh

I laughed exactly once in this entire episode. It was when the blue haired girl got tricked to press the fire alarm button that prompt the entire school to evacuate the building. And it wasn't exactly an LOL moment... I gave it a chuckle. That was it.

Like I've predicted in the season preview, I'm not going to enjoy this series. Either the jokes are really un-funny or maybe I just can't appreciate the kind of humor.

Still, it did manage to prove how KyoAni can make such a simple series into such high quality (animation wise). Did you see how fluid the movements are in the OP dance? It would have been FABULOUS, if I really did enjoy the show.

I might give it another episode to try if I had the time, otherwise that's all the Nichijou there will be for me.


  1. To everyone their own then. I found it hilarious - but I like this sort of thing.

    Also it's not a 4koma. Just saying.

  2. Opps, I read the manga sometime before but still dismissed something like this as a usual 4-koma comedy.

    Maybe the series just isn't moe enough for me.