Bleach (manga) is now a combination of Dragonball and Negima (and Chad is going OVER 9000!!!!)

I've followed the Bleach manga for almost 400 chapters only because I've followed the Bleach manga for 400 chapters. And because it's something new every week, I'm familiar with the characters, I understand what's going on so far... etc. You know, not because I actually liked it. I'm one of those who thinks that the story should have ended with Rukia's rescue, or at least Inoue's rescue. It was when I read that Tite Kubo's gonna continue this for another decade that I went "ok... I see where you're going with this" and from that point on, Bleach is like an off-an-on thing for me. Well, it's not really about the length. It's that I don't feel that Bleach, or Tite Kubo himself is able to bringing anything new into the story, and anime as a whole anymore. It's endlessly repetitive, it became like Dragonball, and I'm sick of it.

In my most recent attempt to catch up with the story (for old time's sake) I see that Bleach is in yet another training arc. While I loved Inoue's fresher, more mature (ahem) look and an upgrade to her powers, Chad went for a training style pulled straight out of Dragonball. Pretty soon he's gonna train in 50Gs and eat ancient pills like it's protein powder and someone's gonna measure his power level using a scouter and scream IT'S OVER NINE THOU-

...And Ichigo went for a time-compression excuse for his next remarkable power-up.

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